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Water Series

water series detail.JPG

Water, the life force that creates and destroys, is in crisis. This Summer alone, we experienced droughts, wildfires, and floods after incessant rains never experienced before.

The melting of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets is an alarming consequence of climate change that has significant implications for our planet. These ice sheets contain vast amounts of frozen freshwater, and as they melt, they contribute to rising sea levels, posing threats to coastal regions, communities, and ecosystems worldwide. As temperatures rise due to global warming, these ice sheets are experiencing accelerated melting. The increased amount of water in the ocean causes flooding, disrupts ecosystems, and drastically impacts ocean currents leading to climate change.

While water is overabundant in some areas, causing destruction, other regions, once filled with cascading rivers thriving with life, are now drying up. The Euphrates and Tigris rivers in Iraq, once the cradle of civilization created the fertile land for a flourishing Mesopotamia, are now almost completely depleted. These rivers have played a crucial role in shaping the region and the world's history, providing water for agriculture, settlements, and civilizations for thousands of years. Due to various factors, including climate change, dam construction, and water mismanagement, this once vibrant land is at risk of becoming a desert in our lifetime.

Historically, water has been the element that helped create settlements and nurtured civilizations.

Now, it's wreaking havoc due to climate-related issues.

My artwork is informed, impacted, and motivated by my concern about the climate crisis and my frustration seeing people deny what is happening to the only home we have.

I create my pieces as a meditation and reflection on those concerns, with the hope that they generate greater awareness of how human beings relate to the environment, its far-reaching consequences, and the choices we make in terms of representation and governance that will ensure the sustainable management and protection of this precious resource for future generations.

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